Manila celebrates “Qinghai Cultural Week”

February 14, 2012 Edited by He Shan

"Qinghai Cultural Week" opened at the Manila Hotel on Feb. 13, drawing hundreds of dignitaries and visitors from both China and the Philippines to celebrate the unique heritage and culture of Qinghai.

During the cultural week, Filipinos can enjoy Qinghai-style ethnic singing and dancing, folk art and exotic jade exhibitions. Visitors will learn about the historical sites and cultural uniqueness of the province, located in the highlands of China’s northwest.

Lu Zuyin, Chairman of All-Chinese and Filipinos Federation, Luo Huining, Governor of Qinghai Province, Ma Keqing, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, Ramon Jimenez, Minister of Tourism of the Philippines and Zhuang Qianjin, President of Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"This year is the ‘Sino-Philippine Cultural Exchange Year’. We are willing to take this opportunity to broaden the bilateral cultural exchange and through cultural exchange, win the affection and auspices of the two peoples," Luo said at the ceremony.

"For centuries, China and the Philippines have been friendly neighbors. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the bilateral friendship has strengthened, with frequent high-level visits. Mutual cooperation in trade, investment, tourism and cultural exchanges has deepened. No one culture alone can flourish; and this is why China not only treasures her own traditional culture, but also cherishes the contributions of foreign cultures," remarked Ambassador Ma Keqing, who offered best wishes to honored guests, Manila residents and visitors.

At the opening ceremony, performances by the Qinghai Nationalities Song and Dance troupe won the audience’s applause.

The cultural week is jointly sponsored by China’s Qinghai Province and the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.