Palawan: Last Utopia

February 24, 2012 Edited by He Shan

The province of Palawan is located on the Philippines' western border. It is located southwest of Manila and it will only take an hour-long flight to get there. Palawan is an idyllic paradise with an invitingly calm atmosphere and nature themes of tropical bliss. It is a fine getaway from the tiring daily grind of work and an ideal place to take a time out from life's pressures.


Like the rest of this tropical country, Palawan gets a lot of rainfall during the months of June to December. January to May give favorable weather and is perfect for a summer escapade. The southern part of Palawan enjoys virtually no storms, however it does experience tropical rains. The perfect time to sail to the province is from March to June. The summer months still remain as the peak season for tourists and travelers.


It is believed that the name of Palawan came from a Chinese word that means a safe beautiful harbor. Another theory is that the Spanish named the place after the shape of the main island that resembles a closed umbrella. Palawan's history reaches far back even before the Philippines was under colonial rule. Relics like porcelain and jars found on the islands date back from the country's pre-colonial era and also means that the early inhabitants of this small archipelago was actively engaged in trade.


People come to Palawan for its beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, dive sites, caves, and other ecotourism destinations. Some of the popular sites are the Underground River, Tigman Beach, Manikit Hot Springs, Estrella Falls, Mangit Cave, and Miniloc Island Lagoons. Diving is also a huge attraction here in Palawan. The place has a variety of dive sites to thrill diving enthusiasts. Wreck divers will especially have a fun time, as there are many wreck sites here to see.


There are a lot of places to stay in Palawan in case you decide to travel here. There are many hotels of different classes, inns, and pension houses to serve and accommodate and budget. Some standard class hotels in Palawan include The Legend Hotel, Airport Hotel, Asturias Hotel, and Hotel Fleuris. Staying in one of the world class resorts here is a good idea if you want to be closer to wonderful nature scenes.

Two of the best places you might want to check out are Dos Palmas Island Resort and Puerto Beach resort. Both resorts offer rustic scenes and tropical comforts. Some of the other resorts that you might be interested to see are Lally and Abet Beach Resorts, El Nido Resorts, BM Lamuro Resort and Spa, and Princesa Holiday Resort.

For those who are a bit short on the budget, they can go for one of the inns and pension houses that dot this island province. These pension houses and inns offer different grades of service and accommodation. A short sample list of these places include the following: Lola Itang Pension, Badjao Inn, Bulwagang Princessa Inn, Circon Lodge, Hillside Resort, Moana Hotel, Duchess Pension, and Payuyo Pension.

Dining Options

Visitors and guests will never find it hard to look for a place to eat in Palawan. The hotel or resort you're staying in will likely have a bar or restaurant where you can grab a bite. You'll find the best Filipino dishes and international cuisine clashing here resulting in plethora of different flavors. Since the city area in Palawan is urbanized, you may also find your usual fast food here if you're just looking for a quick bite or nostalgic for some donuts, pizza, or burgers.

Some of the restaurants you may find include Ka Lui's Restaurant, which is often described as one Palawan's best, serving meals at a reasonable seven dollar average. If you're looking for great seafood with a seaside ambience then go for Badjao Seafront Restaurant.

Other places of note include Balinsasayaw Grill, Bilao at Palayok, Kinabuchs Bar and Grill, Baker's Hill, Vietville, Neva's Place, McCoy's, Rene's, We Be Sushi Bar and Restaurant, and many more. Take note that average food prices here will fall below a $10 average. Some Palawan restaurants even have meals priced at an average of $5. If you pick a place that serves fine dining you should expect the prices to go above $10, which will still be quite reasonable for the service and good food.

Found within Southern Tagalog in the Philippines, Palawan is the biggest province of the country, considering the vastness of its land. Sandwiched between Sulu Sea and South China Sea, this province is generally considered one of the best tourist spots within the south and southeastern part of Asia. Furthermore, many people just cannot help but admire the beautifully natural landscapes and surroundings of this place.

The economy of Palawan relies heavily on its rich biodiversity and progressive ecotourism. Aside from its beautiful beaches and rich wildlife, the province is internationally recognized for protecting and developing two main attractions, namely the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park and the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, which were recently named to be part of the World Heritage Sites of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation or UNESCO.

Additionally, Palawan is also home to various international acclaimed and highly notable locations like the El Nido Marine Reserve Park, Coron Reefs, and Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. While each of these wonderful locations has its very own unique features and highlights, all of them contribute to the very fact that Palawan owns one of the richest and best preserved natural ecosystems in the whole world. Furthermore, environmentalists from all over the globe have nothing but praise for the people behind this rich natural preservation of the wildlife amidst an increasingly industrialized economy.

The El Nido Marine Reserve Park features islets, coves, and beaches that are guaranteed to amaze all the avid explorers out there. Aside from the beauty and charm of the place, it features a wide array of wildlife including Philippine cockatoos and giant clams. Additionally, this place owns one of the most chilling and exciting scuba diving sites not only in Palawan but also around the world, featuring sunken ships that were used by the Japanese armies during World War II. To protect this site from abusive visitors and guests, the local government of the province established some strict laws that would protect the various wildlife and beautiful sceneries with the area.

Meanwhile, the Coron Reefs that are found within Coron Bay in Busuanga is another top attraction amongst tourists and guests alike. This place features several Japanese warships that sunk during World War II. For sure, people will find the place very irresistible for there are lots of thrilling and fun outdoor activities to try such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and dive safaris. The action never ends at this wonderful and truly amazing tourist destination in Palawan.

Lastly, who would not appreciate the beauty and charm of the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary? Aside from protecting the country’s most endangered species, this animal sanctuary offers refuge to endangered animals from Africa. Because of this place, the Philippine wildlife continues to thrive despite the rampant violations against animal welfare and protection.